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  • Time Limit:30 mins.
  • Parents should not guide the kids during the event.
1. 0+0
2. How do you make 12
3. Count the number of TVs in this room
4. The width of a rectangle is less than 8 inches. and its height is less than 5 inches.. Which of the following is correct?
5. How much liquid is in the cylinder?
6. 33*31
7. If you had 50 marbles, a friend gave you 25 more, then another friend gave you 25 more, how many marbles would you have altogether?
8. How many marbles are there?
9. John started with 700 chocolates and added 100 more every week until he had 1000 altogether. How many weeks did that take?
10. What is the name of this shape?
11. In a trunk there are 5 chests, in each chest there are 3 boxes, and in each box there are 10 gold coins. The trunk, the chests, and the boxes are locked. At least how many locks need to be opened in order to take out 50 coins?
12. Considering the large rectangle, the circle and the large triangle, which numbers are inside the rectangle and inside the circle but not inside the triangle at the same time?
13. Each person: Mary, Sam, Peter, and Hunter has exactly one of the following animals: a cat, a dog, a gold fish, and a canary-bird. Sam has a pet with fur. Hunter has a pet with four legs. Peter has a bird, and Mary and Sam don’t like cats. Which of the following sentences is not true?
14. What fraction of the lollipops are orange?
15. What is 6372+5849 is?
16. Find the time
17. Your mom is in the market,she buy 22kg of fish and 24kg of chicken,you ate 4kg of chicken and 12kg of fish,how many kg was left of the 2 foods?
18. Sam took 4 minutes to cut a board into 2 pieces. How long would it take Sam to cut a similar board into 3 pieces?
19. Madhu stands on the weighing scale and the weighing scale is pictured below. What is madhu’s weight?
20. Ok, this is one tough question, what if you divide 352 by 12?
21. You have $30.00; you bought a flower that costs $4.50 and sold it to a lady, she gave you $1.20, Then you went to the donut store and bought 3 pieces of donuts that cost $12.45, how much money do you still have?
22. How many minutes are there between eight o’clock and half-past eight?
23. To pass his diploma, Peter must gain more than 80% for his coursework and score more than 60% in his end of year exam. Which of the following is correct?
24. (55*10+10-20/10+10) multiplied by 0
25. Viyaan uses 5 gallons of gas (petrol) to make one trip to see his grandma, and she has 10 gallons of gas in her tank. How many trips can she make?
26. Percentage of yellow coloured circles?
27. How many people are there in this picture?
28. (188*188*188*1*2) divided by (188*188*188*2*1)
29. Alex has $3 more than Bess. If we know how many dollars Alex has, how would we calculate the amount Bess has?
30. If there are 23 boys and 21 boys are in class A, Class B has 21 boys and 22 girls, how many girls and boys are there in Class A and B?
31. What is the next number in this sequence? 1100, 1200, 1300, ___
32. What fraction of the pizza is left on the plate?
33. Which unit would you most likely use to measure the length of the school playing field?
34. Here is a cylindrical water tank, partly filled with water.When the water tank is full to the top, it holds 1,000 liters. How many liters are in the tank now?
35. How many of these two-digit numbers have units digit 2?